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Hi, I’m Chiara. I studied Law, being fascinated by Human Rights, International and Community Law. Since primary school I studied piano and modern/contemporary ballet for over ten years. I’ve been Vice president and National President of ELSA, the largest European Law Students’ Association, meeting new friends from all over the world and learning everything I know about soft skills, strategic planning and team working. I love travelling and discovering new cultures and lifestyles. Over a decade ago I travelled to Ireland and spent in Dublin on and off about 5 years, falling in love with that green Country.
I started jogging from scratches in 2006; outdoor sports, music, history, art and culture are my passions.
I love cooking Italian traditional recipes (that I learnt from my family) and everything concerns healthy food and good wine.
I speak fluent English and French; Spanish and German on a basic level.
I chose to run this B&B because this house was built by my great-great-grandfather, and saw three generations of my family living in here. I wish all our guests can feel the history and magic that runs through these walls and get a slice of true Italian lifestyle.

Pure Dolomites Bed & Breakfast is hosted in a 19th Century mansion house, built by Mr Antonio Soldera, who lived in Cappella Maggiore during the 19th Century and was mentioned in the local newspapers as “the best builder in the Province”. The house was built using natural stones for the walls and timber beams for the floors, ceilings and roof top. The house was equipped with fireplaces in different rooms and a large one in the kitchen, where the family used to gather around as typical in those years and in this area. A large central staircase used to give access to the upper floors, and the windows where strategically positioned to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views. The orientation of the house was studied to use the light at its best during daytime.
During later years some refurbishment works have been carried out. Floors, ceilings and the roof have been replaced with reinforced concrete, the main staircase were moved in order to offer bigger bathrooms and the external stone walls have been coated in order to ensure better insulation. During the ‘70ies the fireplaces were replaced with a big boiler and radiators.

When we opened the B&B, we tried to modify the existing heating and water systems, in an eco-friendly manner, that could still provide guests with maximum comfort.
We installed a state of the art air heat pump to replace the old boiler and two new stoves: one works with pellet, the other works with timber. Both of them ensure a 100% natural heating to the house. We also tried to better insulate windows and doors to favour energy-saving and prevent heat-waste.
Hot water is also provided by the heat pump, that works with thermodynamics. It uses the air to heat the water, expelling cold air (it works like a refrigerator, just the opposite way!) and during summer it also works as air conditioner.


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